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AB7309 CANopen Master - Profinet IRT Device
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AB7329 CANopen Master - PROFINET IRT2 Gwarancja : 36 miesięcy 663,00 €
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AB7309 CANopen Master - Profinet IRT Device

  • CANopen implementation according to the CANopen specification DS301 v4.0.2.
  • Network Management (NMT) messages, to configure and initialize the network.
  • Supporting 128 Receive PDOs and 128 Transmit PDOs, each can transfer up to 8 bytes.
  • PDO message types: COS (Change of State), Cyclic Synchronous, Acyclic Synchronous.
  • Service Data Objects (SDO) is used to access all entries of a CANopen object dictionary.
  • Synchronization Object (SYNC) is used for synchronizing PDO communication.
  • Heartbeat Mechanism to monitor the status of nodes.
  • Node Guarding/Life Guarding Protocol provides possibility to guard slaves or the master.
  • EMCY (Emergency Object) is used for error reporting.
  • LSS master functionality.
  • Slim housing with standard DIN rail mounting.
  • PROFINET IO and PROFINET IRT compatible.
  • Integrated dual port switch functionality.
  • Dane techniczne
Size: 127 mm x 75 mm x 27 mm
Power Supply: 24 VDC
Temperature: -25-55°C
Current Consump: max 150 mA
Baud Rate: 20 kbit/s - 1 Mbit/s, Auto baud rate detection
I/O Input: 218 bytes
I/O Output: 218 bytes
Config Method: External CANopen Configuration Manager (CCM)
Certification: Certified by CAN in Automation (CIA)
Profinet baud rate: 100 Mbit/s
Profinet connectors: 2 x RJ45
Profinet: SNMP-MIBII support
Profinet: DCP, LLDP support
USB-CAN dongle: 021370 (order code for USB to CAN dongle incl. CD with CCM software and manuals)
Order Code: AB7309